“功能和外延”的执行编辑Sara Routhier具有教育工作者,SEO专家和内容营销人员的专业经验。她在保险业拥有超过五年的经验。作为一名研究人员,数据书呆子,作家和编辑,她致力于策划具有教育意义的文章,为您提供在压倒性世界中必不可少的事实和最佳秘密。



莱斯利·卡斯珀罗维奇 holds a BA in Social Sciences from the University of Winnipeg. She spent several years as a 农民 Insurance CSR, gaining a solid understanding of insurance products including home, life, auto, and commercial and working directly with insurance customers to understand their needs. 从那以后,她在作家领域使用了十多年的知识,主要是在保险行业。


评论者 莱斯利·卡斯珀罗维奇
农民 CSR for 4 Years






关键信息 公司资料
现任高管总统&首席执行官– Jeffrey J. Dailey
CAO –黛博拉·阿尔德里奇
首席财务官– Scott Lindquist
总销售额/总资产$ 159,556,163 / $ 4,300,437,240
总部地址 3120 139th Ave.,Suite 300
电话号码 1-888-327-6335
保费收入-个人生活$ 1,044,822,583
财务状况 稳定
最适合 弹性任期
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“We are 农民…”

You know the rest of the jingle in your head. But did you know that 农民 offers life insurance, too? Not highly advertised, 农民 New World Life — the division henceforth known in this 文章 as “Farmers”-自1950年代以来一直提供人寿保险。

农民 is now owned by a Swiss company, but its American focus has never changed, including its niche roots of insuring agricultural vehicles. Here, you’ll learn in-depth what 农民 offers, and how you can compare life insurance rates with 上面免费提供我们的报价工具.

农民’ Ratings

Independent life insurance ratings help consumers find out more about 农民’财务状况和信誉。评级是关于公司的’的整体声誉,而不是特定的保险产品。

评级机构农民' Rating
上午。 最好 A(优秀)
血脑屏障 A +到B(由独立代理机构提供)
惠誉 AA-
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As the chart illustrates, 农民’评分是有利的,下面将说明每个评分组织,

上午。 最好


上午。 最好 rates 农民’人寿保险部门,成绩为A(优异)。 Because 农民 has multiple divisions within its corporate structure, you can find the life insurance rating under the name of “农民新世界人寿保险公司”在全美50个州运作。


商业改善局(BBB)是美国之一’最值得信赖的消费者监管机构。它的评级基于报告的消费者投诉以及企业实体对它们的回应程度。 血脑屏障 成立于100年前,是一家非营利性公司。

有趣的是,BBB’s statistics on 农民 are by individual, independent agencies.

因此,例如 if you live in Kentucky and are looking into 农民 there, the 血脑屏障 has ratings for specific offices。很好,因为您可以对该特定办公室有良好的感觉’的记录-不是国家概况。

的 vast majority of independent agent offices for 农民 are receiving A+, and many of them are 血脑屏障 认证,这意味着它们通过了标准 优秀的商业惯例和客户服务。



虽然穆迪’s does not give 农民 a rating, it does state that 农民 is in stable, solid health as a corporation. It cites 农民 as a cost-effective insurance carrier (seventh-largest in the United States), although it has recently lost some assets due to several localized natural disasters.

穆迪’s opinion is that 农民 overall is very healthy. 农民 Insurance Group is a subsidiary of the Swiss-based Zurich Insurance Group.

标准& Poor’s (S&P)

150多年来,标准& Poor’s (S&P)一直在提供主要公司的评级和财务分析。它’因其市场预测而备受推崇。

S&P rates 农民 Life Insurance with an A. This means that 农民 is considered a safe investment and remains in stable financial condition.



惠誉 does not rate 农民 Insurance by itself since it’是苏黎世保险集团(ZIG)的子公司。但是,惠誉提供ZIG 评级为AA-“保险公司的财务实力,” and an A+, 要么“very strong”为其长期资本头寸。它还指出ZIG前景稳定。



农民 received a .44 rating in 2019 (the most recent available), which means that the complaint level for a company of its size is lower than the national average.

农民 received a zero rating (no complaints registered at all) for three consecutive years, 2016 through 2018. But in 2019, 共有八宗注册投诉.




农民 Insurance成立于1928年。其创始人John C. Tyler和Thomas E. Leavey在提供农用车辆保险的利基市场中创立了该公司。他们的第一批客户是通过在加利福尼亚当地农民的家中出售保险而找到的。随着公司的发展,它增加了其他类型的个人和商业汽车保险。

尽管有公司’s start just a year before the stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression of the 1930s, 农民 was able to pay its customers’以现金而不是借条索偿。


Eventually, it added property insurance, homeowners and business insurance. 的 company continued its strong growth throughout the 40s and 50s. It was in the 50s that 农民 acquired New World Life Insurance, adding life insurance to its offerings.

As a healthy incentive in the 70s, 农民 started to offer discounts on life insurance to its non-smoking customers — a practice that was imitated by other life insurers and continues today.

In 1988, the British American Tobacco 公司 acquired all shares of 农民 Insurance. By 1998, the company was purchased again — and is still owned by Zurich Financial Services.

的 2000s have brought several innovations. 农民 became the first insurer to offer discounts on alternative fuel vehicles and other environmental incentives. It also opened its well-known corporate training center, the University of 农民 in California.

农民 has become a leading charitable company, donating millions of dollars to causes such as the March of Dimes and several community organizations in the San Diego area.

农民 also has participated in numerous natural disaster recovery services.

农民 became the title sponsor of the PGA’s annual 农民 Insurance Open Tournament at Torrey Pines. It also sponsors professional golfer Ricky Fowler, who has participated in many disaster recovery efforts since 2013.

农民 New World Life Insurance is a subsidiary of 农民 Insurance Group of Companies. It sells term, permanent and universal life insurance. 农民 Financial Solutions LLC is another division that sells variable universal life insurance.

农民’ 市场份额

虽然 农民 ranks much higher (ninth) in the property and casualty insurance category,其人寿保险部门的市场份额明显较小。它’不在NAIC中排名’排名前125位的人寿保险公司。


1西北共同生活$ 10,517,115,4526.42%
2 大都会人寿 $ 9,821,445,9536.00%
3AARP(纽约人寿)*$ 9,295,848,3005.68%
4 谨慎的 $ 9,128,805,0605.57%
5林肯国民$ 8,769,303,1745.36%
6 大众 $ 6,854,713,0574.19%
7 艾贡 $ 4,809,856,6502.94%
8约翰·汉考克$ 4,640,905,0172.83%
9 国营农场 $ 4,633,004,9632.83%
10明尼苏达州互助集团$ 4,422,100,0282.70%
农民 Life$ 1,044,822,5830.15%
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农民 New World Life Insurance 公司 ’的部门获准在36个州销售保险。


农民’未来似乎很强劲,尤其是与其他所有保险子公司(住房,汽车和商业)合并时。尽管人寿保险部门(Farmers New World Life)比其他部门小得多,但该公司’评级机构预测的前景保持稳定。

总体, it’是最大的美国公司之一,拥有48,000个独家代理和大约20,000名员工。它为超过1000万个家庭提供了保险,并承保了超过2000万份保单。

农民’ Online Presence

农民’网站是非常不言自明的。每个保险产品部门都有多种选择。有趣的是 没有明显的方法可以在其网站上提出人寿保险索赔.

另外,在人寿保险页面底部附近’re prompted to “Learn more here,” the screen isn’活着,不会带你到任何新地方。

农民 does have a user-friendly app for mobile devices. Invoices can be paid electronically, and claims can be reported through the app.

On social media, 农民 has a presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Most of its posts are about the company and employees providing goodwill in the face of natural disasters. 的 re is nothing easily found about the life insurance division.

的 y also have a social media presence for the annual 农民 PGA Open at Torrey Pines.

农民’ Commercials


在一个 news release put out by 农民 about the partnership, 农民 touted its commitment to educating families about safety and health.

农民 in the Community

农民 Insurance has built a large corporate giving and sponsorship program. Beginning with its founders, the company has always encouraged a culture of community support.

创始人约翰·泰勒(John Tyler)和他的妻子爱丽丝(Alice)为正在进行的环保成就泰勒奖提供了资助,而 约翰和多萝西·利维(Dorothy Leavey)创立了基金会,这是加州最大的基金会之一,继续为教育和多家慈善机构提供资金。

Since the 1990s, 农民 employees have contributed or helped to raise over $40 million for March of Dimes charities. 的 company also focuses on disaster relief efforts, education, and support of military personnel, as this video explains.

农民 is also the title sponsor of the annual 农民 PGA Open at Torrey Pines in Southern California. Led by professional golfer Ricky Fowler, PGA球员定期组队 协助救灾。

农民 has participated in the Pasadena (California) Rose Parade since 1959, as well as countless community parades and events.

农民’ Employees

农民 employs approximately 20,000 people and has 48,000 captive insurance agents. (This means they are limited to selling 农民 insurance products.)

农民 New World Life (the life division of 农民’ corporation) is based in Bellevue, Washington. Great Place to Work® has given 农民 the distinction of 员工满意的认证公司. According to the Great Place to Work® website, 81 percent of 农民 employees agree with the criteria.


Glassdoor.com has 3,300 reviews of the 农民 New World Life division. 员工平均评分为3.3星(5星为满分).

农民 was rated number 97 in Fortune’在2020年达到100家最佳公司,在2018年其多元化最佳工作场所中排名55。随着这种招聘招聘视频的刻画,它积极地招聘年轻员工。其80%以上的员工年龄在60岁以下。

这可能会或可能不会影响您选择的人寿保险公司。但是正如一位在线评论者指出的那样,“I felt my 农民 agent was more interested in bundling my life insurance with homeowners and auto than he was in understanding what my actual life insurance needs were as a senior.”






Because 农民 offers several types of insurance besides life (such as homeowners, auto and business owners), some people may want to consider 农民 as a one-stop-shop for all their insurance needs. This is called bundling, and in many cases, 农民 will offer discounts to its customers if they bundle two or more kinds of insurance with them.

这可以带来便利和计费便利,并且可以 总体节省约15%。但是,购买者需要意识到,人寿保险本身并不是’根据法律允许予以贴现。折扣实际上将适用于汽车或房主保险。

So if you bundle all your insurance through 农民, you may be paying higher life insurance rates that aren’与其他知名公司竞争。


农民’人寿保险产品是基本产品,分为两个类别,如该视频所述:定期和永久性。这两个类别中还有其他子类别的保险,因为我们’ll explain.

农民 stresses the difference between the two types of basic life insurance it offers, and why, as your life changes, you may consider permanent over term, or the other way around. Here, we explain what each is, and what life insurance products are offered by 农民.

Keep in mind that 农民 is not available in all states, and it must be purchased through a 农民 agent.


定期寿险是一种在指定时期内支付保证死亡利益的保单。例如,只要按时缴纳保费, 如果保单持有人在任期届满之前死亡,则将向受益人全额支付死亡赔偿金。否则,该政策将失效。

It’至关重要的是要按时缴纳保费,并且保单负责人要确保受益人了解该条款。 ’s expiration date.

定期人寿保险 这是目前最经济实惠的政策之一,通常推荐给人生中发生重大事件的人,例如结婚,生育孩子或购买新房。购买保单的年龄越小,定期保险的费用就越低。

农民 New World Life offers 10-, 20-, and 30-year term life policies. 这不是’与许多其他也提供15年和25年定期人寿保险的公司一样全面。这意味着它提供的选项更少。


农民 Simple 术语
  • 适用于18-65岁
  • 在一天之内自动承保承保范围,通常无需进行体检
  • 最低保额$ 75,000
  • 保证的死亡抚恤金及等级保费(保持不变)
  • May be converted later to a 农民 whole life (permanent) policy later
农民 Value 术语 ®
  • 如果您有固定期限的债务(例如抵押或汽车贷款),或者预计要支付大学学费的日期,这是一个很好的考虑因素
  • 需要体检(承保)
  • 18-75岁
  • 10年,20年,30年条款,至少购买150,000美元的保单
  • 保证死亡抚恤金,通常免税
  • 在学期中获得等级津贴(无论您何时死亡,死亡津贴保持不变)
  • May be converted to a permanent 农民 life insurance policy at the end of the term





此外,保费保持水平,这意味着它们没有’t increase with age.


农民 offers two types of whole (also called permanent) life options.

  • 等级利益
  • 现金价值增长得到保证(它不能’取决于市场情况的涨跌)
  • 最低$ 15,000
  • 免税死亡抚恤金
  • 快速核保—可能不需要体检
农民® Graded 一生 :
  • 对于那些担心自己的人寿保险资格的健康问题的人来说,这可能是一个更好的选择
  • $ 5,000– $ 30,000美元的保单
  • 保证现金价值增长
  • 保证死亡抚恤金,但仅在等待了两年之后



总而言之,学期生活更实惠,但只是在预定时间结束时终止(除非您希望 在以后的时间将您的定期保单转换为永久性保单。 永久性人寿保险具有储蓄成分,可以在以后的生活中提供更大的灵活性。但是,它要昂贵得多。一切都取决于选择最适合您和您的家人的东西’的财务状况和生活方式。


普遍 life insurance is another form of permanent life, which means that a policy is in effect for the entire lifetime of the insured person. 那’通用与期限之间的主要区别。


例如,保费通常是灵活的(您可以在选择时付款’re able), and 您还可以选择如何投资一些保单’s cash value.

农民 offers two kinds of universal life insurance:

农民 EssentialLife® 普遍 Life:
  • 保险费的支付频率和金额可以根据需要设定
  • 现金价值增长通常是递延税项
  • 可以购买到80岁以下
  • 最低保额$ 50,000
农民 Index 普遍 Life®:
  • 您可以选择将一部分资金分配给S的任一指数基金&P500®或Russell2000®
  • 提供资产保护,因为它的下限为零,这意味着赢得的现金价值’在市场表现不佳时跌至低于原始金额
  • 在有利的市场条件下增长可能更为显着
  • 您可以调整付款频率和金额,也可以调整帐户’的面值(身故赔偿)
  • 死亡抚恤金通常免税
  • 您可以访问现金价值以用于支出或业务继承

葬礼& Final Expense

最终费用保险是永久性保险,’用来支付与被保险人死亡有关的费用。是的,甚至 垂死要花钱,并且死者无法负担,因此亲人将不得不支付。


保费和死亡抚恤金在被保险人的整个生命周期内保持水平。最终费用的另一个独特优势是,他们不需要申请人参加考试,因为 包销过程的一部分 .

农民 does not market burial and final expense insurance. Rather, it sells term life insurance that’旨在从根本上帮助家庭在投保人之后支付费用’s passing.

One important factor to keep in mind about 农民 term insurance is its limitations on age. Unlike other major life insurance providers, 农民 only provides term insurance under its Simple 术语 product until age 65。根据其ValueTerm®,它仅针对75岁以下的人群发布政策。

那’s a consideration for people who are in good health well into their 70s and 80s and who desire to leave their loved ones coverage for funeral or tax reasons. 农民 does not seem like a senior-friendly insurer for final expense insurance.

Factors 那 Affect Your Rate



您的性别是一个主要因素。 男性为人寿保险支付更多 因为他们通常不’只能和女人住在一起年龄也是主要因素,因为年轻人口死亡的可能性较小,从而使保费大大降低。

保险公司的诱因是让您长时间支付保费。相反,年轻人购买人寿保险的动机是锁定 提前降低利率.






农民 Simple 定期人寿保险 doesn’通常需要身体检查,但他们可能会问您一些与健康有关的问题,以供您批准。它的简单术语可以快速解决:大多数政策在一天之内就已获得批准并生效。

农民 Value 术语 ®, on the other hand, requires a medical exam 为其承保过程。顾名思义,它比“简单条款”产品便宜。这样的好处是,人们可以在他们考虑这种保险的同时’身体年轻,身体健康。



美国劳工和统计局 危险职业,如果包括您在内,保险公司会给予注意。


农民, as all insurance providers will do, takes the insured’计算保费时要考虑的风险。

A straightforward tool on 农民 Life’的网站向您询问从居住地到以谋生为目的的所有内容,甚至在您承诺购买保单之前。请注意,您的费率肯定会受到职业的影响。



例如,如果您从事攀岩,跳伞甚至是不定期的水肺潜水, 有临时的情境保险选择 可用,它们不会影响您的整体费率。




农民 New World Life does not offer any military exceptions or discounts for life insurance. 的 y do offer incentives for auto and homeowners insurance for veterans, but not for life insurance policies.

Also, keep in mind that 农民 isn’在所有居住州均可用;因此,折扣不’t apply.

Getting the Best Rate With 农民

Getting the best life insurance rates with 农民 has everything to do with your current state of health, the state in which you reside, and which type of policy you seek. 农民 New World Life isn’通常被称为与人寿保险费率竞争。


To get the most favorable rate for life insurance with 农民, it’一个积极的过程:保持健康,年轻时购买并按时支付保费,这样您的保单就不会’t lapse.


虽然 农民 offers bundled options for all of your insurance needs, it doesn’t discount life insurance. 如果你’在市场上以具有竞争力的价格满足您所有的保险需求,那么捆绑销售就很有意义。

农民’ Programs



On its website, 农民 has a tool called Life Compass® that’旨在满足您和您家人的需求。您必须回答一些基本问题,然后才能吸引您进入在线报价,包括:

  • 姓名,年龄,家属
  • 收入和职业
  • 财务(储蓄和债务)
  • 人生阶段(您刚开始建立家庭,还是准备退休?)
  • 未来(您对未来的情况有什么期望?)
  • 需求(棘手;知道多少 人寿保险足以满足您的需求 和你的家人度过难关)

农民 isn’以其竞争优势而闻名,但它’通过代理建议对用户友好。虽然它’不适用于所有50个州(’可以在36个州使用),其网站工具将为您指明定制政策的正确方向。




的 benefit of 农民 Insurance’s size is its presence — online and through your local agent. If for whatever reason you need to cancel or amend your policy with 农民, there is a representation at the local level. Of course, there are steps to cancellation.



#1 –致电1-800-238-9671

Or, contact your representative or agent from 农民, who can adjust your policy accordingly.

#2 –确保手头有保单协议的原始副本

如果你 can’t locate your policy information, 农民’网站上有一个可以帮助您的搜索工具,以及一个实时聊天选项。

#3 –确保您’re Covered


#4 –与座席讨论您是否可能还有其他选择



Way down on the list of its type of claims to make online, 农民 tells you how to make a claim for life insurance. It’对汽车和房主保险的用户友好性,但如果您感到困惑,’重新尝试为某人提出索赔’的实际生活(实际上是死亡)。

To make a claim, contact your 农民 agent and follow their guidelines. Making a claim for life insurance involves highly sensitive and emotional details; therefore, 您需要通过大使(代理人)提出索赔。您也可以致电1-800-238-9671与他们的人寿保险服务专线联系。


Getting a quote from 农民 is relatively easy, right from the home page. It is recommended, however, that before you do, you should first become familiar with your life insurance options from 农民, since they are somewhat limited in scope.

#1 – Visit 农民 Insurance at www.farmers.com

的 re is a tool under the Life Insurance tab, which immediately prompts you to enter your ZIP code for a quote. (Remember, 农民 is no在所有50个州均可用。) Here is what you will start with:

农民 website life insurance quote tool

您也可以点击“learn more” option first before utilizing this option. By entering the ZIP code in which you reside, you will immediately find out whether your state has 农民 available.

#2 –准备好所有重要信息


#3 –准备变得个性化


农民 website Quote Choices Page





农民 has a user-friendly web application that helps its customers navigate through the claims process. Keep in mind, however, that it’主要用于其他类型的保险,例如汽车或房主保险。

农民 also offers a phone app, but life insurance claims must be handled through a 农民 agent, and can’不能在手机应用程序中完成。


Here is 农民’ home page:

农民 website  家  Page

如前所述,主页上的微妙信息是可以满足您的所有保险需求“strung together.”下一步是单击“寿命”链接。

农民 New World Life  家  Page

当您在基本屏幕下滚动时,将会出现关于哪种人寿保险可能适合您的详细说明。或者,您可以单击任一主题链接直接将您带到您所需要的产品’re looking for.



优点 & 缺点

的 familiar jingle of 农民’广告可能会引起您的注意,甚至可能使您相信该公司将涵盖最不可想象的索赔。

当然,人寿保险是不同的。人寿保险的严肃业务是’t at the forefront of 农民’营销,但由于公司’s overall good standing, it still may be worth considering, especially if you already use 农民 for auto and homeowners insurance.

农民 Insurance is a stable bet if you’在市场上购买一整套(捆绑)的综合房屋,汽车和人寿保险。但它’不一定是具有竞争力的价格或选择的最佳公司。


农民提供基本的人寿保险选项菜单。它 ’一点也不复杂:它的期限,永久和普遍政策都很简单。所以如果你’一般而言,如果对农民有信心,则可以轻松享受其捆绑选项。满足您所有保险需求的账单支付方式得到了简化和便捷。


农民 offers several rider options if that’s what you’re looking for.


如果你 love a philanthropic company, 农民’这一类别的历史是无可挑剔的。他们支持社区筹款活动,应对灾难性天气事件,并因其工作场所的多样性而获得赞誉。


的 biggest downside to 农民 New World Life is its lack of competitive rates. Depending on your age and gender, rates can be up to 18 percent higher than other, more well-known life insurers.


农民的另一个缺点是合同期限过长(相对于其他公司,期限为10年,20年和30年)’10年,15年,20年,25年和30年期权)。那里’如果您有年龄歧视’是为老年人寻找定期人寿保险:简单的保险仅适用于65岁以下的人,而Farmers ValueTerm®仅适用于75岁以下的人。大多数主要的人寿保险公司都为80岁以上的老年人提供定期寿险。

Finally, 农民 New World Life isn’在所有50个州均可用。


农民 New World Life is a reputable insurance company. 的 y also have deep roots in community support, which began with its founders almost 100 years ago.

虽然 its parent company, 农民, is far better known for its home and auto insurance than its life insurance, many of its customers seem happy with the fact that they can combine all of their insurance to ease billing and receive consistent customer service.



It’s worth a look if you already own (or plan to own) 农民 auto or homeowners insurance.

唐’t wait! Get your 现在免费提供以下人寿保险报价 用我们的工具。



农民’ 常见问题

Here are some common questions people often have regarding life insurance, plus a few further details about what 农民 does and does not offer in addition to term and permanent life insurance.

#1 – Does 农民 offer accidental death?

Yes. Accidental death insurance, a separate policy, is available from 农民. Policies can range between $37,500–$200,000. Up to $1 million is available under certain conditions. It is available for people ages 18–69.

#2 –我可以使用万能寿险的现金价值支付到期的保费吗?


#3 – Does 农民 allow me to convert my term life policy into a permanent policy when the term expires?

Yes. 如果你 already own a term policy with 农民, you’能够将您的保单无缝转换为完整(永久)的寿险保单。某些医疗条件可能适用。

#4 – Can I buy disability insurance through 农民?

No. 农民 doesn’为残疾保险提供单独的保单。